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Sereña Pool Party

Nomad Groove 

Private Location, Tenerife South
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Anniversary Rhythms: Uniting Music and Arts in Celebration

Celebrate with us a year of making amazing parties at the Sereña Nomad Groove Anniversary! This year we're elevating the experience, surpassing our memorable first pool party with an even more thrilling and enriched celebration. Imagine a day where every note and brushstroke enhances the bond within our community, set in an intimate, yet vibrant atmosphere that allows you to be truly free. Whether through dancing to our amazing djs, engaging workshops, or getting a tattoo, Sereña is your space to discover, connect, and create moments that last a lifetime, as we embrace the warmth and connection that define the Nomad Groove spirit.

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📅 When: SATURDAY 13nd of April, from 2pm till 00am

🏡 Where: Secret Location, Tenerife Sur.  20 minutes away from Los Cristianos. A very pretty finca with an amazing views of the ocean and architecture.  Our best location yet! 

🔊 Music (more info, insta & sets below)

  • Vazco (AR, Pure Beats) also known as Cristian Urrizaga, emerged from Daireaux, Argentina, in 1989 and stepped into the DJ/Producer scene in 2018, spurred by his friend and producer Vila. His journey, fueled by a passion for music and wildlife conservation, led to his first EP release with Hausa Groove in 2021, earning acclaim from icons like David Guetta and Carl Cox. Vazco's music has garnered support and feedback from industry giants, including Eduke and Robbie Rivera.  Now, he embarks on his first European tour, with Tenerife set to experience his electrifying debut, promising an unforgettable highlight for this year's celebration.

  • Kryptonicadjs (IT/DE, Kryptofabbrikk Records) - DJs and producers coming from Italy and honed in Berlin's vibrant scene. Their music seamlessly combines groove-laden house with the immersive depth of tech, crafting sets that captivate and energize audiences. Each performance is a journey, marked by a distinctive sound that bridges cultures and eras, ensuring the dance floor remains an exhilarating space of connection and celebration.

  • GriG (RO/NL, Nomad Groove) - GriG ignites the dance floor, blending tech house with minimal deep tech. His sets, rich in groovy beats, whip up a fun, wild atmosphere that sends the crowd into a frenzy, ensuring nights are nothing short of legendary.

  • DJ Lier (IT, Independent) - With a unique take on tech house, DJ Lier sets the dance floor ablaze, channeling amazing energy into every beat and rhythm

  • Nastya Lav (UA, Lo Squalo) - Nastya Lav combines over 15 years of dance and DJing, delivering sets that weave house, deep tech, and organic sounds that offer a unique auditory experience, where each musical selection is an invitation to dance and celebrate life.

🎨 Art & Activities (more info below): 

  • Art expo (5 artists, 3 art expos, 2 photo expos). 

  • Painting workshop by Itza

  • Face painting & fire show by Itza.

  • Live handpoked tatoos by Orsi.

  • Dancing workshop by Nastya.

  • Art juggling workshop by Dawid.  

  • Artistic dancing by Elizabeth

🚙 Transport: we offer cheap, private transport from Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos/Las Americas and El Medano. If you come from a different location and are interested in transport, write us. The transport will stop at the afterparty on the way back (more info below)


🥑🍖  Food: Will be available on site. Vegetarian option available

💃🏻 Afterparty: The afterparty is in the new and beautiful Select VIP Club next to the beach in Los Cristianos - our DJs will keep entertaining you till 6am and you will get a door discount and a free chupito if you mention you're coming from the Sereña Pool Party. The return transport will also stop here.

💰 Tickets:  This is a private party and it is invite only - we have no public tickets available this time. All our past visitors are invited. If you haven't been to a Nomad Groove event already, don't be disappointed just yet - write us and we might send an invite your way. Get more info by whatsapp on the number below. 

More info  +34 648 91 30 79 (George)


Our DJs

Kriptonica DJs

Nomad Groove - RO


Nomad Groove - RO

Dj Lier

Independent - IT


Lo Squalo - UA

Art & Activities

Art & Activities

Art Expo

We have no less than 5 artists that will expose their art at Sereña.

Photo expo by Orsi

Photo expo by Sha

Art expo by Igor

Art Expo by Yeron Lambez

Art expo by Itariza

Fire show, painting workshop & face painting by Itza from the Wild Circus
WhatsApp Image 2024-04-03 at 13.02.40.jpeg

Itáriza is an artistic performer from Tenerife, coofounder of The Wild Circus, an entusiastic group of nomad musicians that believe in the magic that we can create together. We will make you feel the tribal vibes when the ink touches your skin, feel your body and dance like nobody is watching you and be the fire of the party. 

For the art lovers, we have the opportunity to create a real piece of art, be in touch with nature and explore different techniques to sharing your connection with this earth.

Live handpoked tatoos by Orsi
WhatsApp Image 2024-04-04 at 12.38.20 PM.jpeg

Orsi studied art in Hungary and started experimenting with tattoos 4 years ago and fell in love with it. Now she is travelling around the world inking people with her amazing designs inspired from her experiences roaming around.

Together with the design, you will carry the experience of your tattoo forever, so she is offering handpoked tattoos in a personal, intimate setting that you will never forget!

Dancing Workshop by Nastya

Nastya is a freestyle dancer & teacher from Ukraine of urban styles - house & hiphop .

Dance experience of 15 years, teacher experience of 5 years. Participant and winner of Ukrainian and European urban dance events during 10 years.

She will be running a dancing workshop from 4:30pm till 6pm.

Art Juggling Workshop by Dawid
dawid photo.jpeg

Dawid Susicki is a professional juggler and dj and will give an art juggling workshop & face paint during the party.

Artistic dancing by Elizabeth

Crazy... that's how they usually define me because when I'm in the supermarket, clothing store, bar, even on the street... if there's music I start dancing without caring at all what others think, what I say to myself. It's..."total I don't hurt anyone", in short, I love dancing, it's more than passion, it enters another my World! I transmit and communicate through my movements along with sound.

See you soon 😇☯️😈

Previous Nomad Groove Parties

Transport info

We offer cheap private transport.  The schedule is:

* 13:15 - Costa Adeje

* 13:30 - Los Cristianos

* 14:00 - El Medano

Return 00:15.  The transport will stop in the same locations above - as well as to the afterparty location.

If you can't make it at this hour, ask us - we will introduce later transports if there are enough people interested, as well if the above is full.

Whatsapp +34 648 91 30 79 (George) if you have any question.

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