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Best private parties in Tenerife

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Sereña Pool Party

3rd of June, Tenerife South

Live the Unforgettable: A New Concept of Celebration


Sereña is more than an event—it's a feeling, an unforgettable journey through art and rhythm, promising not just a night, but a memory to cherish forever.

📅 When: SATURDAY 2nd of March, from 2pm till 11pm

🏡 Where: Secret Location, Golf del Sur, Tenerife!

🔊 Music:  Kozak (organic & funky house), Divine: Timing (afro & latin house + live drumming), Dj Lier (tech house) and Grig (funky tech house)

🎨 Art & Activities:  Art expo, dancing & art juggling workshops


🍹 Drinks: first cocktail or first two beers included. Happy hour 2-4 pm.

🏠 Accommodation: beds and rooms available on location

🚙 Transport: we offer cheap transport from and to anywhere on the island, as well as transport to the afterparty


🥑🍖  Food: Available. Vegetarian options available as well

💃🏻 Afterparty: Official afterparty in Crows Nest Club in Las Americas.

🎟️ Price: €15 (early bird, limited), €20 (second release), €25 (full price). Capacity is limited. 

Sereña Pool Party, A4.png
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